Arhatic Yoga Retreat Italy

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15-18 March 2019

Boario Terme (BS), Italy

Arhatic Yoga Retreat Italy

15-18 March 2019
Boario Terme (BS)

The Pranic Healing Association is pleased to announce that, in collaboration with the Institute for Inner Studies in Manila, it will organize in 2019 the International retreat of Arhatic Yoga in Boario Terme, Italy.

“The purpose of the Arhatic Retreat is to stuff, stuff and stuff the students with Spiritual Energy!”
GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui


Master Hector Ramos


Master Nona Castro


How to participate?

  1. Register to the retreat
  2. Book your hotel room
  3. Make sure to pay the participation fees within the indicated dates.

Need Transfer from Airport?

The Pranic Healing Association would like to thank all the participants in the Retreat because this also allows us to have the financial resources to spread more and more the teachings of Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui.


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